Is Time Travel Possible?

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Traveling to the future? It may sound impossible, but scientists at the University of Queensland say they’ve found the secret. NBC has the story.

TOM SINKOVITZ: “It’s not for people. So far, their discovery works only for entangled quantum particles. Researchers say it’s been known for a while that such particles can travel through space. The breakthrough is that they can also travel through time, but only into the future, but not the past.”

The concept of entangled quantum particles is complicated -- to say the least. CNN lays it out.

KRISTIE LU STOUT: “Now take these two particles, one and two. Now these two particles can become so deeply linked that if you change the state of this one, the other one will immediately change in exactly the same way no matter how far apart they are. Now it’s led some to call it a form of teleportation. What scientist in Australia discovered was that this effects doesn’t just work through in space, it works through time as well.”

A writer from Technology Review explains how the technology might be used.

“Olson and Ralph's teleportation provides a shortcut into the future. What they're saying is that it's possible to travel into the future without being present during the time in between... Might it be possible, for example, to make short-lived particles live longer by teleporting them into the future?”

But a writer for PCWorld says hold on -- mankind will have to do good, old-fashioned waiting on the future to get this technology.

“...rather than ‘normal’ teleportation that we think of from location to location, we’re talking about good ‘ol Back to the Future-style time travel with Marty and the Doc. However, don’t jump for joy or run around in paranoia just yet, as there are definitely limitations other than the fact the technology doesn’t exist.”

So what do you think? Is it too early to say we’re going to be time traveling, or should we get ready to go ‘Back to the Future’?

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