Learn Basic English Numbers & Counting 6 - Fun Kids English Grammar Cartoons with Pumkin.com

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http://pumkin.com is a complete kids English learning course: Kids can study English lessons in a virtual english world full of fun English learning games, kids English activities, fun English puzzles, basic English quizzes & test, and much more for children to learn English.
• This funny English cartoon teaches "Numbers" and "Counting".
• This animation teaches students countable nouns.
• Practice answering and asking the question: "How many [noun+s] are there?"
• A fun and effective way to Learn English Grammar.
• Learn basic classroom English vocabulary with this entertaining and educational cartoon.
• KidsOnlineEnglish Channel teaches Children English as a Second Language (ESL) and Foreign Language (ESL).
• Each English lesson is part of a complete beginners English Course designed to take a young English learner from beginner to the intermediate english level.
• Learning English is more enjoyable with games, activities, and feedback; for complete English lessons go to http://pumkin.com/
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