The GiggleBelly Train Song Preview - Award Winning, Fun Train Music Video for Kids

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Описание To buy the award winning DVD! Toot-toot, choo-choo, chugga-chugga, woo-hoo-hoo! This song has become a household favorite according to some GiggleBellie fans. So get your dancing shoes on and get ready to do the choo choo boogie woogie. This song features "GiggleBelly" the magical musical train. With musical smokestacks, a banana, mushroom, and a gigantic peanut to carry around all his Gigglebellie pals, this is one silly train. to purchase the mp3 song

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Animation by 3D Magic Factory of Austin, Texas

"The GiggleBelly Train" Music Credits:
Written By: Kerry Miller Johnson
Vocals: Kerry Miller Johnson
Music Production: Austin Soundmine
All Copyrights owned by: 3D Magic Factory

All copyrights reserved by 3D Magic Factory LLC
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